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Last night was mad real #nofilter #beforethemadness

Best day. :) (at The Flying Pig)

Feeling incredibly blessed today. :)
Best afternoon with the coolest cat I know. <3 @iorekess
Feeling all kinds of gassed in my new vintage Prada coat. #stayscheming #taxilyfe
Edges are laid to the Gods today. ;)
Bunny teef took on the wind today. #surfbort #inthewind
Felt some type of way yesterday!


i think whats wrong with the world is that we are all to busy destroying ourselves to love one another

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Great ful


a girl i go to university with goes to house parties once everyones drunk and takes toilet paper so she never had to buy her own

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i don’t want a neck right now

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Do you ever just think about the future and start freaking out about the most random things

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